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What We Can Learn From The Messi Gatorade Commercial

I just got sent the new Gatorade commercial featuring Lionel Messi. It's inspiring... "Don't go down." At first my immaturity took control and I thought it was a parody relating to oral sex...
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How To Wake Up Early In The Mornings

how to wake up early
Ever set the intention to wake up early one morning but snoozed your way back to sleep? It goes a little something like this... The alarm is set for 5am. The alarm goes off at 5am. You sno
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How To Relieve Stress & Clear Your Mind

stress and anxiety
Did you know on average we have 70,000 thoughts a day? What happens when a high percentage of those thoughts are surrounded by stress, anxiety and worry? When we become stressed, anxious or worried
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Building Habits & Keeping Them

power of habit
Have you ever tried dieting but given up after a few weeks? Have you ever tried breaking a bad habit such as smoking, biting your nails or drinking too much coffee and given into temptation pretty
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