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Win A $3,000 Coaching Package

With the Podcast going from strength to strength I wanted to celebrate, and give away a prize that will blow you away. If you're a man looking to unlock your full potential, create emotional freedo
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How To Stop Thinking About Someone

missing someone
Have you ever tried to stop thinking about someone but no matter hard you try to distract yourself you can't shift those thoughts? Maybe it's someone you've just met... A relationship that's jus
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How I Started Letting Go Of The Past

be patient
  Let me ask you a question... Why do we let the past control us? Why do we feel blame, guilt or sadness for things that have happened in the past? Can we change them? Of course we can't.
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How To Beat Social Anxiety With Josh Morris

social anxiety
Have you ever got nervous in social situations? Ever wanted to stop worrying what people think of you? Well this episode has it all. I sat a good friend of mine down, Josh Morris, and picked his brain
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