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9 Things Successful People Make A Habit Of

9 things successful people do

What defines success?

A quick Google Search tells me that success is ‘the accomplishment of an aim or purpose’.

But do you value success as just wealth?

Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson…

These are just a few people who define ‘success’.

To me, success is about achieving what you envision. Living a fulfilled life, and dealing positively to failure and negative situations.

Success doesn’t happen over night though, and here’s some choices I’ve found successful people to make a habit of…

1. They Enjoy Waking Up

Why do you wake up? Is it because your alarm wakes you up because you’ve got an hour before you need to get in to work? Is it because the kids have waked, and they need you to get up?

Do you wake up every morning with excitement, and with purpose? That feeling of Christmas morning when you was young, that’s the feeling successful people have when they wake up.

They enjoy waking up, and they wake up with purpose and excitement which sets them up for a fulfilled day ahead. The earlier the better, before anyone else is awake…

2. They Look After Themselves

Living a healthy life is also a part of being successful. They strive to look after their physical health, alongside knowing how important it is to manage their mental state and be in control of their thoughts.

Meditation is common amongst successful people, alongside forms of visualisation.

Low intakes of sugar, drinking plenty of water, having a good amount of sleep and being in good physical and mental shape has huge impacts on what you achieve throughout the day.

3. They Set Strategic Goals

‘I want to make $1 million’ might be your goal, but how are you going to achieve that? Successful people map out smaller goals, alongside strategic planning of how their goals will be achieved.

‘I want to travel the world’ is a goal, but it’s a pipedream without a path to achieve it. Successful people consistently set goals, and consistently plan and evaluate the path to achieve them.


4. They Take Action

Probably the most important habit successful people do over people living an unfulfilled life. Nothing happens without action, and taking action leads to achievement.

It’s ok mapping out your ‘perfect life’, but failing to take action leads to no forward movement. Successful people always apply action to achieve their set goals and dreams.

They also take action in a confident, motivated state. Action taking with a lack of confidence and motivation leads to low productivity and in most cases failure.

Taking action isn’t just ‘doing something’; it’s how you do that something which yields results.

5. They Persist Confidently

Richard Branson is a prime example of someone who continues to persist, and someone who uses self-belief to achieve.

screw it lets do itI highly recommend the above book… it’s Quick Read too. Check it out here.
Failures, mistakes and criticism all arise, but they deal with them confidently and persist with self-created ideas.

Did Microsoft stop Steve Jobs from developing Apple? Did Einstein stop persisting with theories because of criticism?

Follow instincts, and persist with them confidently.

6. They’re Always On The Hunt To Learn More

Successful people never reach full capacity of what they’re willing to learn… they never settle.

They might be the leading expert within a field, but they continue to strive to learn more.

Reading and self-educating is common practice amongst successful people, and developing new hobbies and discovering more about themselves and the world is high on the agenda.

They learn smart though, often learning efficiently to learn a specific amount of knowledge on a subject they’re personally satisfied with.

Mentors play a key role in their personal development too. Do you think someone deemed as ‘successful’ stops asking others for advice? If they want to learn a specific set of skills, they’re not afraid to ask someone at the top of their game within that area for guidance.

TIP: Find something you’re passionate about learning, and apply 10 minutes to that subject every day to develop a habit. As time progresses you’ll find the habit can be developed further and you can start applying more time to the set subject.

7. The Make Mistakes (But Deal With Them)

Mistakes and failure is apart of life, but how you deal with them determines your achievements.

David Beckham got ‘stupidly’ sent off against Argentina at the World Cup back in 2008. A mistake which cost his team, his country, and a mistake which led to an unthinkable negative affect on his professional career and life.

A huge amount of people blamed him for the loss, resulting in death threats and public abuse.

beckham mistake
Learning from the mistake, he turned it around and went on to be one of the most decorated, respected and talented footballers there was (alongside of course putting MLS on the map, and being the face of many fashion campaigns along the way)

beckham hero
Mistakes and failures are all apart of learning, and dealing with them drives you forward to achieve.

8. They Inspire Others

Successful people have a certain confidence about themselves that negative people often overlook as a form of arrogance.

But they understand the importance of their position, and use their influence to inspire others.

Charity work, sharing their personal story and ‘giving back’ is high on the agenda. They understand that helping others helps them in the process.

9. They Have Fun

Someone who makes over $1 million a year, but works 65 hours a week isn’t the definition of success.

Successful people enjoy life, they take time for vacations and they understand the importance of stepping away and having fun.

Family is the number 1 priority, and they apply something they enjoy to every day of their life. They appreciate what they have, and they understand that having fun drives you forward to achievements.

having fun
How many do you do?

It might be time to re-evaluate and start introducing new good habits to your current lifestyle.

Signing out,

Paul. M

Paul McGregor
I share my hard times to inspire your good times. Founder of MFM and soon to be published Author.
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