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Benefits Of A Cold Shower

cold showers

If you’ve read previous posts on the blog you’ve probably realised I’m an advocate of cold showers.

In fact, I’ve recommended them in a lot of my recent posts.

For the past 6 months I’ve been utilising cold showers into my daily routine.

It sounds crazy at first…

But a cold shower really can benefit you in many ways.

There are numerous benefits floating around the internet, from aiding weight loss to helping you sleep but in all honesty I want to share with you the 3 main benefits I’ve found from personally introducing them into my routine.

Don’t think cold showers are for you?

Think again…

1. It Naturally Increases Your Testosterone Levels

As a man low testosterone can effect you in many ways.

From low sex drive to constantly feeling fatigued you should check your testosterone levels often and if low, look at ways to increase them.

Here’s some natural ways to increase testosterone.

A cold shower, for me personally was a great natural way to boost my testosterone levels.

I did the before and after testing and saw (and felt) the difference.

Scientific studies have shown that cold showers have an effect on our DNA, RNA and protein synthesis in the male testes.

Try cold exposure for even a couple of minutes each day and you could see an increase to your testosterone levels.

2. It Increases Your Energy Levels

I’ve spoke about ‘changing your state’ before in other posts, especially when confronting depression, low mood or lack of energy.

When you’re in a ‘negative state’ a warm shower will only reinforce that.

A cold shower simply shocks and resets the system, changing your state in the process.

high energy levels from cold shower

If I ever feel tired or fatigued I’ll immediately turn to a cold shower. A few minutes of cold exposure will shift me to a more energetic, positive state.

Got kids? Put them in a cold shower and see how they change.

Freddie (who is 7) has recently got into cold showers. He tends to go in sometimes feeling tired and will slowly expose himself to colder temperatures. Within a few seconds he’s jumping around, punching the air and full of energy.

Give it a go.

Whenever you feel down, negative or fatigued expose yourself to colder temperatures through a cold shower.

Disclaimer: I did not force him. This isn’t child abuse.

3. They Aid Muscle Recovery

I remember when I played Football and competed in Athletics a lot I used cold showers/baths to aid muscle recovery.

As we get older (and when we don’t train competitively) we forget this principle.

ice bath

I remember the first time I got back into a gym routine. My whole body ached for a good few days after.

This was a combination of my body not being used to it, the fact I stuffed a Pizza afterwards and also failing to warm down/stretch.

A cold shower could have eased the tension slightly and sped up recovery.

Athletes know the importance of an ice bath after intense training sessions to speed up recovery but you don’t need an ice bath.

It will improve circulation in the muscle and help remove some lactic acid. I tend to focus on areas I’ve trained and even grabbing the shower head (if possible) to target the areas closer.

How I Face It

So the benefits are there to see but how do you actually do it?

How do you find the will power to stand in a cold shower?

This is the question I asked myself as I debated whether I should introduce them into my daily routine or not.

Start small.

I simply had a shower as I normally would, starting on a pretty warm heat.

I’d soap up and rinse off.

Then towards the end of my shower I’d start to slowly decrease the temperature.

I’d go slightly lower, feel a slight shock and then ride it out.

I’d continue to decrease the temperature until it was almost the lowest it could go.

Once at that temperature where it’s uncomfortable I’d count to 60 whilst focusing on my breathing.

When finished I’d turn the shower off and jump out.

This is personally where I’d advise you to start, getting used to the cold temperature gradually.

This approach may not be for you though and jumping in when it’s cold can create that ‘shock’ we all need.

Useful Tip

If you want to build a habit of cold showers use the App ‘The Way of Life’.

Simply put in Cold Shower as the activity and each day confirm you’ve done it.

If you’ve followed it for 30 days you won’t want to forget (and lose your total)

way of life

Get Cold

So there we have it, the benefits of cold showers.

These 3 benefits scratch the surface of how it can help you as a man, but try for yourself and see how it helps.

Signing out…

Paul McGregor
I share my hard times to inspire your good times. Founder of MFM and soon to be published Author.
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