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5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Testosterone Levels

boost testosterone

It was only recently I truly discovered how important testosterone levels are.

As a man low testosterone can lead to numerous damaging effects from low sex drive to extreme fatigue.

In fact, here are just a handful of effects caused by low testosterone.

  • Low Sex Drive
  • Increased Risk of Prostate Cancer
  • Constant Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Increased Risk of Alzheimers Disease
  • Increased Fat Tissue

With these in mind improving your testosterone levels are hugely important but how do you do it?

At first it might seem daunting, it might seem like something you need to a see a Doctor for, but in most cases a few simple changes can cause an increase in testosterone.


The Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Firstly it’s going to be difficult to increase testosterone to feel change if your levels are already normal or high.

There’s numerous symptoms that will often highlight if you do suffer with low testosterone, but alongside referencing the symptoms I highly recommend getting solid data.

A blood test will show your testosterone levels and will show if your levels are low.

Getting this data is invaluable as you can use it as a benchmark to improve upon.

Using some of the simple recommendations in this article will help improve your testosterone levels and not only should you feel the benefits a blood test in the near future should also show an increase in your testosterone levels.

Here are some of the main symptoms of low testosterone.

  • Always Feeling Tired
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Erectile Disfunction
  • Low Self Confidence
  • Struggling To Lose Weight
  • Mood Swings
  • Loss of Muscle Mass
  • Reduced Strength/Endurance Levels

So knowing the importance of increasing your testosteroen and understanding that your levels are low it’s time to increase it.

But how?

These are 5 ways (tried and tested by me) that have helped improve testosterone levels.

They’re not going to blow you away but they’re simple methods ANY one can use.

With consistency, applying the below into your daily routine will increase your testosterone levels with time.

low testosterone

1. Lift Weights


It’s probably the most alpha thing you can do.

Although it may frighten you at first (if you don’t currently use strength training) it’s important to note that you’re not required to lift heavier than anyone else in the gym to achieve the desired testosterone boost.

It’s all about pushing your body and increasing blood flow.

In fact you can probably get away with strength training twice a week if it’s something you’re not used too.

Research from Finland showed that men who lifted weights regularly experience a 49 percent boost in their free testosterone levels.

Strengthening the muscles will increase the amount of testosterone your body produces.

I’d recommend starting with big/more challenging lifts such as Deadlifts, Squats, Pull Ups and The Bench Press.

Warm up, keep the reps low and keep the weights heavy. I’ve been utilising 5×5 training (5 reps, 5 sets) with heavy weights and been seeing benefits.


2. Cold Showers

Man I love cold showers.

I’ve recommended Cold Showers before as a way to change your state and a way to change your low mood.

Cold showers have been proven to also boost your testosterone levels alongside waking you the f*ck up.

Personally I’ve been jumping in a cold shower first thing in the morning.

I don’t really use it to ‘wash’ – I get in and out.

Tony Robbins and Tim Ferris all preach about the benefits of being exposed to cold temperatures both utilising it daily.

If it’s too much for you at the beginning have a normal shower on your normal temperature, apply shampoo and then lower the temperature to cold. Wash off the shampoo and try to stay in their for a minute or two.

As you get used to it you can start to decrease the temperature and increase the amount of time you spend in the cold shower.

Seriously, utilise the benefits of being exposed to cold.

Cold showers before bed also help sleep quality.


3. Increase Your Zinc Levels

One of the easiest ways to increase your zinc levels (and your testosterone) is to increase the amount of red meat you eat.

Beans, nuts, poultry and also Oysters are a great addition to your diet that will in turn increase your zinc levels.

Taking a Vitamin B6 and Magnesium supplement alongside this will also help aid zinc absorption and the converting of free cholesterol to testosterone.

A zinc supplement may also help, but I found increasing my intake of red meat alongside taking a Vitamin B6 and Magnesium supplement was good enough to see the benefits.

4. Sleep & Sex

Two in one here but both equally important.

Lack of sleep alongside a reduced quality of sleep will dramatically lower your testosterone levels.

A good rest is something we all need and it’s something I’ve covered before.

Here’s how to get a good night sleep.

Also increasing the amount of sex you’re having will also lead to an increase in testosterone.

These two don’t sound bad at all do they?

More sex, more sleep.


sleep schedule

5. Cut Sugar, Lose Weight

If you’re carrying excess weight and your nutrition involves a high sugar intake your testosterone could be taking a battering.

Your nutrition really is a vital ingredient to becoming the best version of yourself.

You wouldn’t buy a Ferrari and fill it up with the wrong Gas so why fill your body up with the wrong food?

If you’re overweight it’s time to make a change.

This video may help shift your mindset towards losing weight and changing your nutrition.


With anything consistency is key here.

One cold shower and a tough workout isn’t going to send your testosterone sky high.

Consistent action of the above (even if it’s just one or two of them) will help you see change.

It’s an experiment that will be worth it in the long run as low testosterone is going to hold you back from achieving what you want to achieve.

If you enjoyed this article let me know, comment below.

Signing out…

Paul McGregor
I share my hard times to inspire your good times. Founder of MFM and soon to be published Author.
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