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How To Control Your Ego & Attain Success With Darren Casey

ego and success

In this episode (Episode 44) I speak with Darren Casey.

Darren is the creator of the ‘Rapid Method’, transforming the health and lives of busy, successful men.

We discuss the importance of controlling your ego, investing in yourself and most importantly what it takes to achieve true success.

Does wealth determine success?

Does running a business mean you have to drop your personal needs?

We discuss all in this episode.

Darren Casey is the secret weapon to many of the top entrepreneurial men you likely know, in business. His program, the Rapid Method – enables busy high performers to thrive in body, transferring this to their business and life. With 17 years success, he delivers transformational coaching based from the U.K with clients in the USA, UK, the Far East and beyond.

With retreats and a digital platform also available, he’s been featured and contributed to many media channels, T.V and Podcasts including Huffington Post, BBC National Radio, and An Amazon Best Seller. Darren also coaches Fitness Professionals his unique coaching methods as well as helping them create, set up and launch their own high value branded programs.

If you feel like you struggle to balance work and life, if you find it hard to control your ego and most importantly if you want to become to best version of yourself give this episode a listen.

Who is this episode for?

  • If you struggle to control your ego
  • If you worry what others think of you
  • If you find it hard to balance work and life
  • If you struggle to take risk and invest in yourself
  • If you want to improve your physical and mental health

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