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Depression The Mental Health Blog

It’s OK To Be Depressed

I want to make one thing clear before you read on. Depression isn’t something to accept. If you feel depressed as you read this, or if you can remember times you suffered with depression...
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Success The Mental Health Blog

Becoming A More Confident Man

Recently I emailed my loyal subscriber base and asked them the biggest challenge they face as a man... The answer? Confidence. I had just over 200 email replies and 81% said a lack of confide
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How To Get Shit Done

get shit done
Have you ever sat looking at your To Do list and had no motivation to get going? Ever said tomorrow will be a better, more productive day? We've all been there, myself included last week as I st
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If You Live For The Weekend… STOP

waiting for weekend
Do you hate Monday mornings, or count down the days each week looking forward to Friday? Do you count down the hours on Friday afternoon when you can finally leave, escape and enjoy the weekend?
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