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The Lessons I’ve Learnt As A New Dad (So Far)

You may have missed the announcement… But on the 18th July at 3:26am my son Teddie was born. It was an unreal moment, an experience I’ll never forget and one I still find hard to explain tod
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It’s OK To Be Depressed

I want to make one thing clear before you read on. Depression isn’t something to accept. If you feel depressed as you read this, or if you can remember times you suffered with depression...
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How To Control Your Ego & Attain Success With Darren Casey

ego and success
In this episode (Episode 44) I speak with Darren Casey. Darren is the creator of the 'Rapid Method', transforming the health and lives of busy, successful men. We discuss the importance of cont
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What You Can Do To Get A Better Nights Sleep

improve your sleep
Do you wake up tired? Struggle to get to sleep? Well improving your quality of sleep is one of the best things you can do. Getting sleep is not only critical for our health it's also needed f
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