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Using Mindfulness To Stop Overthinking

Do you remember going into the Library as a child? “Shh, be quiet” your parents used to say. The librarian would give you that piercing stare if you took your voice above a whisper. But s
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This Could Make You Rethink Your Life…

rethink your life
This is something you might have seen before, but you have to read this until the end. You’ve heard motivational speakers say that “life is a gift”, or “you only get one life don’t waste
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The Present Moment Is Powerful

being present
I sit here writing this blog post with my mind drifting. It's hard staying present. Even as I sit here in this coffee shop, a flat white to my right, my headphones in, I find my mind drifting f
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How I Started Letting Go Of The Past

be patient
  Let me ask you a question... Why do we let the past control us? Why do we feel blame, guilt or sadness for things that have happened in the past? Can we change them? Of course we can't.
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