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The Power Of Gratitude


One of the best things I do every single day is write down what I’m grateful for…

Gratitude is powerful but it’s often underused.

If you take a look at some of the most successful men out there and see what daily habits they recommend, a lot of them will state gratitude. But why is it so powerful?

We often find ourselves in a ‘lack’ mindset, focusing on what we don’t have and focusing on what we should have. Typically this mindset is negative, and it leads to us comparing ourselves to others and never feeling truly fulfilled.

I never forget the time I realised the true power of gratitude…

I was struggling for money. I looked at my bank account and I had nothing to my name. All the bills had gone out, I’d had a big month for expenses and I didn’t bring much money in. ‘Shit’ I thought. Immediately I hit a low, I felt worried, I started to sweat and I started to panic…

I went away, closed my eyes and breathed. A deep breath in of 6 seconds and a deep breath out of 8 seconds repeated a few times calmed me down. I then became to think of the things I had, the things I was grateful for. My family, the house I lived in, the car on the drive, the clothing I own, the furniture I have, my opportunities I have within my business to make money and the opportunities I have within the country I live in. I then went on to think how lucky I am to be healthy, to have an amazing family, friends, cold and hot water from the tap in the other room. I smiled, things weren’t as bad as I thought.

This simple shift to gratitude had a huge shift for me, it calmed me down, put me in a positive mindset and allowed me to make better decisions moving forward. I went on to bring in money over that week and in fact I’ve never┬áhit that situation since.

Gratitude is powerful, and we often forget how lucky we are.

Here’s how to exercise Gratitude…

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Paul McGregor
I share my hard times to inspire your good times. Founder of MFM and soon to be published Author.
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