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Who is this guy? That’s probably the question you’re asking yourself right now. I’m Paul and it’s great to ‘virtually’ meet you.

Most about pages needlessly start with a back story which led them to where they are today. But I wanted to start by highlighting what I do and how I can help you.

I help men become a better version of themselves.

From improving the way they dress and look to becoming truly confident I call it ‘Styling from the inside and out’.

We all want one thing. We all want to become confident. We all want to look and most importantly feel the best we can. Throughout the past 7 years I’ve been on a personal journey to discover how to and I’ve been sharing what I’ve learnt along the way.

I’ve had the pleasure to be featured on the likes of GQ, Esquire and Vogue alongside being interviewed by the likes of River Island, French Connection and Duchamp. My story was also recently shared on The Huffington Post.

Who I Am In 3 Paragraphs…

As the Founder of MFM (www.mensfashionmagazine.com) I publish style related articles every week alongside weekly YouTube videos. Self improvement articles and videos also come once a week focusing on achieving more, facing fears, dropping the ego and worries of what people think, dealing with stress and most importantly overcoming depression.

I’m a short course lecturer at The London College of Fashion teaching ‘Online Retail’ alongside guest lecturing at Regents University. Alongside lecturing about online marketing and with 7 years of working digital consultancy is something I love and do often.

Who I am right now: 26, Living just outside of London (Essex), Engaged to Amy, Dad of 2 (Freddie & Teddie), Liverpool FC Supporter (that won’t change), Online Business, Digital Consultant, Guest Lecturer at The London College of Fashion & Regents University, YouTuber, Podcast (called The Ultimate Man), Training for 800m, Lover of Peroni (beer), Passionate to help others.


At 18 I had the biggest turning point of my life. I lost my Dad to suicide. Life was going in the same direction most 18 year olds would take. I’d just taken a full time office job with the plan to ‘work my way up’, I lived for the weekend going out nearly every Friday and Saturday night and I had a good relationship with my parents.

My Dad was a strong guy, with a very sensitive side to him. He loved his childhood sweetheart (my Mum), his parents, myself and my older Brother Steve. In return, he was loved by many. He’d held down full time engineering jobs since leaving School, alongside running his own part time Physiotherapy business.

He was a keen athlete, training sometimes twice a day and became the National Veteran Champion at 1500m in his 40’s.

He survived after brain surgery, a 5 day coma and came round forgetting any of it happened. He always denied his first accident was suicide, and we believed him. After all the anti-depressants he was taking had ‘suicidal thoughts’ as a side effect, and my Dad wouldn’t even take a Paracetamol to cure a migraine.

One day, completely out of the blue, he broke down. It was one of the first times I’d seen my Dad sob, and neither he or us could explain why. Within the space of two weeks from his initial breakdown and his first trip to the Doctors for help, he tried to take his own life by walking in front of a Van.

After months of up and downs, in and out of the local Mental Health unit he took his own life 5 months later on March 4th, 2009. The news shocked us all, and made me open my eyes to the true meaning of life.


From there I was asked to lecture a short course at The London College of Fashion based around Social Media Marketing for Fashion Businesses. I then also took on the Blogging course, and a course on ‘Starting Your Own Online Retail Business’. I dropped both the Social Media and Blogging course last year, but still lecture the Online Retail course (2 days) 5 times a year.

In 2010 I got asked to present at an event called The Fashion Colloquia at The London College of Fashion. Public speaking was something I was fearful of, but the opportunity was too good to turn down. I presented on the ‘Future of Menswear’ and got asked to present the following year.

I sold Brighterman in 2014, focusing my full attention on MFM (www.mensfashionmagazine.com) which I founded as a side project back in 2012. The online magazine was going from strength to strength, and this became my full time income and focus moving forward.

I was selling clothing and accessories on eBay since School, so decided to invest more time into it. I launched my first online business in 2009 at 19, an online retailer called Brighterman which sold men’s accessories. Being young, naive and new to online business I made mistakes which I learnt from, but all in all the project was a success.

I left my full time job 2 months after I lost my Dad, after suffering with depression myself. I wanted to make something of my life, I wanted to create freedom and tried my best to not reach that dark hole my Dad did.

I also have had the pleasure to consult and work some exciting fashion brands and digital businesses. Advising on brand strategies and digital advertising helping businesses is something I enjoy equally to helping individuals. I’ve spent the past 4 years working with a hugely successful internet marketer and continue to do so.


I finally broke the comfort zone and found courage to openly talk about my personal situation and how losing my Dad to suicide affected me. The story started to reach others, and after the feedback I received I knew it was something I wanted to implement into what I do.

At a seminar in October 2015 I had a strong realisation that what I was doing wasn’t truly what I wanted. Sure I enjoyed the ‘business’ side of MFM (www.mensfashionmagazine.com) but I felt unfulfilled. After I lost my Dad I went through an emotional journey and learnt a lot about myself and personal development.

I started mentoring others, taking their lives and careers beyond their expectations, unlocking fulfilment and freedom in their lives. I then started to introduce more self improvement based content, offering weekly articles, videos, and The Ultimate Man Podcast based around ‘becoming a better man’.


This tagline sums up my journey perfectly and is something you probably can relate too.

After losing my Dad I didn’t feel good about myself. I became depressed and lost all confidence. I managed to overcome a lot of hurdles by talking to someone about it but the thing that helped me the most was an improvement in the way I dressed and looked.

Turning to style (and starting an online business) allowed me to gain confidence, demand more attention and simply put achieve more (a well dressed man earns $200,000 more in his lifetime than a badly dressed man).

But after a few years of ‘looking good’ I still felt lost.

I didn’t dress for myself I dressed for others…

I worried what people thought of me…

I had a lot of fears I didn’t want to face…

I always wanted more (and was never happy with what I had)…

These are things you may have experienced before.

I put away the suits and started to focus on improving the way I felt, becoming more self aware and taking action on what I’d learnt (from books, mentors, meet ups, Podcasts and Seminars) over the years.

What I share integrates the two. The advice I give will help you becoming a better man.

True confidence comes from feeling and looking the best you possibly can. Dressing better will start that journey but avoiding the way you feel is a big mistake.

True confidence comes from feeling and looking the best you possibly can. Dressing better will start that journey but avoiding the way you feel is a big mistake.


1. I’m shit at DIY. I can’t even put a shelf up.

2. My first real, part time job when I was 16 was in Iceland… the Supermarket.

3. I used to buy branded clothing on eBay, and sell it to my school friends for £5 more. (I hope they don’t read this)

4. I couldn’t speak properly when I was a toddler. I went to speech therapy classes and they told my Mum to stop bringing me because I’d ‘never talk properly’. I used to call my brother Steven, Dedan.

5. I used to think I was Eminem, and made rap music from 13-18. I actually got a mini record deal with an small label in Cornwall, and sold 500 copies of a mixtape at 15. I entered a competition run by ‘Plan B’ the singer/rapper and came 2nd, losing to Maverick Sabre who is now quite well known… (damn)

6. My knees are pretty dodgy. I had an Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction at 15 in my right knee, and dislocated my left knee cap at 13. Finally I can now report I don’t struggle with knee injuries through correct conditioning. BOOM.

7. I love old school Garage music. If you don’t know what that is, YouTube it…

8. Im a big Football fan. Liverpool FC is my team and my favourite player of all time is Stevie G.

9. I hated coffee up until last year. I then had to drink it with plenty of milk, and it had to have sugar. Now I’m a mini coffee addict.

10. I made a mess of my birth. I came out blue, and decided to wrap my cord around my neck. All fun and games


Are you a man who could relate to my story?

Are you fed up with how you look and you want to do something about it without spending fortunes on clothing?

Then drop me an email on paul@pmcgregor.com. For anything else, still feel free to reach out. Hit me up on social media or buy me a coffee (or beer).

Do you feel like life is passing you by and you’re wasting life? Not achieving what you’d hoped?