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7 years ago I went through the biggest turning point in my life. I lost my Dad to suicide. Today I help men become the best versions of themselves through improving their physical appearance and creating complete freedom.

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Style & Fitness

I went from baggy t-shirts and jeans to being featured on GQ and Vogue. Improving your physical appearance will help you demand more attention and make you feel more confident. I show you how without spending a lot of money.


Self Improvement

From managing daily stresses to worrying what people think, improving the way you feel about yourself is an important step to achieving more in life and becoming successful. I share my personal experiences and how they can help you.


Doing What You Love

Live for the weekends? From lecturing and guest speaking at The London College of Fashion to 1 on 1 consulting do you feel lost in your career? I share how you can create complete freedom and do what you love.

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Focusing on all areas of becoming the best version of yourself I interview experts from a wide range of fields. Health & fitness, stress management, business and career, relationships, style and confidence, the aim of the Podcast is to help you become the ultimate version of you.

Available on iTunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud I’ve just surpassed 50 episodes and powering through to 100.

  • How To Create Freedom In Life
  • How To Overcome Fears & Daily Stresses
  • Improve Your Physical Strength & Nutrition
  • Demand More Attention & Attract New Relationships
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Upgrade Your Style Without Breaking The Bank