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3 Tips To Boost Your Motivation

get motivated

Ever struggled to complete a task?

Ever failed to complete your to do list?

Ever got to the gym and struggled to get motivated to workout?

We’ve all been there, myself included, and lacking motivation is the key reason behind not achieving our full potential.

But how do you get motivated?

How can you increase your motivation levels instantly to get out of the ‘not bothered’ mood and into the productive mood?

Try these 3, all of them help me…

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1. Change Your State

I’ve mentioned this before so I’ll be brief (more in the video) changing your physical and mental state will put you in a different mindset. I use exercise and cold showers mostly to change my physical and mental state to get me out of a ‘not bothered’ state and into a more productive, motivated state.

2. What Is Your Why?

Motivation stems from inspiration. If you’re not inspired to do something it’s going to be hard to do it. Think about it… if you were bullied at School because you were overweight and you wanted to lose weight your ‘why’ would be pretty strong. Your motivation to get in the gym, eat clean and lose weight (because of the emotional trauma from the bullying) will be high.

But if you wanted to lose weight because you wanted to ‘look good’ that might not be a strong enough ‘why’ to get you motivated.

Think about the reason why you want to achieve what you’ve set out to achieve and if it isn’t a strong enough why you’ll struggle to stay motivated.

3. Gain Momentum

Ever had a to do list and not completed all of it? I have.

You want to try and get something done as quick as possible to gain momentum. When you to do list has 8 items for you to finish, staring at 7 remaining is going to effect your motivation. Get a task done, even if its the smallest task and this will give you momentum to push on.

I’ve mentioned this before when building habits, start small to gain momentum and this will help you stay consistent.

Paul McGregor
I share my hard times to inspire your good times. Founder of MFM and soon to be published Author.
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