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Overcome Addiction & Phobias With Rob Temple

overcome addiction

Have you ever struggled with addictions or phobias? In fact, I can almost guarantee you have. Whether big or small addictions and phobias can halt our growth.

I’ve been interested in hypnotism and how we can use the techniques to improve our lives for a while now, so I invited Rob Temple on to the show to discuss overcoming addictions, phobias, and using the techniques he learnt as a hypnotist to unlock our full potential.

Who is this episode for?

  • If you struggle with addictiosn (small or large)
  • If you have a phobia you want to overcome (I talk about my phobia of Snakes!)
  • How anyone can use hypnotism techniques in their daily life
  • If you want to develop new habits and remove bad habits
  • If you want to become more confident and overcome shyness

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Founder of MFM, Lecturer at the London College of Fashion and Online Consultant.
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