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5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Testosterone Levels

boost testosterone
It was only recently I truly discovered how important testosterone levels are. As a man low testosterone can lead to numerous damaging effects from low sex drive to extreme fatigue. In fact, her
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Bulletproof Your Body & Stay Injury Free

bulletproof your body
Have you ever struggled with injuries? I sure have. Bad conditioning and poor form was the key root of my injuries plus many others. Tom Foxley is someone I met a while back and was impressed with
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Why I Use Intermittent Fasting

intermittent fasting
For years I struggled to get in shape and for years I struggled with low energy. Looking back, what I was fuelling my body had a huge impact. I ate processed food, a lot of sugar, and typically didn't
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Finding Your Purpose & Facing Fears

simon lovell
In this episode I speak with an old mentor of mine, Simon Lovell, where we talk about his growth, how to discover your purpose and the importance of pushing through fear. If you're looking to redis
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