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How To Relieve Stress & Clear Your Mind

stress and anxiety
Did you know on average we have 70,000 thoughts a day? What happens when a high percentage of those thoughts are surrounded by stress, anxiety and worry? When we become stressed, anxious or worried
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Building Habits & Keeping Them

power of habit
Have you ever tried dieting but given up after a few weeks? Have you ever tried breaking a bad habit such as smoking, biting your nails or drinking too much coffee and given into temptation pretty
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How To Break The Silence Of Suicide

break silence of suicide
We all need to talk about suicide. The judgement, the stigma and the silence need to change, and I want to address a few ways we can do so. After the amazing response from my article 'Why Men Ki
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Depression The Mental Health Blog

Why Men Kill Themselves

why men suicide
This is a hard article to write, and it’s probably going to be a hard article for you to read. But it’s important to talk about it... Because that uncomfortable feeling around talking about
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