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Becoming A More Confident Man


Recently I emailed my loyal subscriber base and asked them the biggest challenge they face as a man…

The answer?


I had just over 200 email replies and 81% said a lack of confidence held them back from achieving what they wanted to achieve.

I personally think this number is even higher due to the fact us men don’t like admitting to low confidence or insecurities.

Confidence is something I struggled with for years and it held me back from hitting the levels of success I always dreamt about.

We all have this ‘perfect’ version of ourselves but low confidence means we struggle to attain it.

But how do you improve your confidence as a man?

7 Steps To More Confidence

The way you currently look at confidence could be the main reason you lack it.

I used to preach that I wasn’t a confident person but confidence isn’t something you lack as a whole.

You may lack confidence talking to women, in interviews, at the gym or even public speaking but you’re always going to be confident in other areas.

Can you confidently tie your shoelaces? Can you confidently get changed in the morning? Can you drive your car confidently?

Think about the areas of your life you do each day without fuss, without feeling like confidence holds you back.

These are all areas you’ve faced fear within, these are areas you’ve worked on and areas you’ve increased confidence within.

The other areas of your life where you struggle with confidence are the areas you haven’t.

In this article I want to share with you a few ways to improve your confidence, and then give you one of my most popular eBooks (7 Steps To More Confidence) for free.

1. Improve Your Style

You knew I was going to start with this right? I recently stopped pushing ‘style’ onto people and lost interest in it, but looking back it had a huge impact on my life. When I decided to dress better, I felt better, I unlocked a more confident mindset, I demanded more attention and I became an authority. This not only improved the relationships I built, it improved my business.

Did you know a well dressed man creates a better first impression, demands more authority and believe it or not in most cases earns more money throughout their career. Ever put on a suit and felt a million dollars? Have you ever went out to buy a new shirt for a night out and felt great wearing it? Improving your style gives you a similar feeling to when you lose weight…

The good thing with style is it’s easy to improve. There’s 3 basic principles that will transform your style.

1. The Fit – If clothing doesn’t fit you it won’t look good. I could wear a $3,000 suit which is ill fitting and a $200 suit which fits perfectly, the latter will look better. Understanding how clothing should fit is essential to improving your style. It’s also important to note that you can get ANY clothing altered. Whether it’s the $10 Shirt from H&M or a Bespoke suit, you can get anything tailored to fit you.

2. Keep It Simple – We often over complicate things as men. We try to implement too many colours, prints, trends and we even buy too much. Keep things simple. Trace back to the stylish men of the 40’s, what did they wear? They wore things you could wear today and look stylish today. Menswear is about investing in quality pieces, investing in timeless classics and keep the colour combinations simple.

3. Shoes Are Your Friends
– I helped produce a video for MFM where we asked women what they liked in men. Of course confidence was number 1 (something you’ll attain soon) but shoes followed in second place. Drop the sneakers and replace them with a classic Brogue or Oxford and see the difference it makes. A pair of jeans paired with a polo shirt and pair of sneakers looks casual, but jeans, a polo shirt and a pair of Tan brogues makes you ready to rock a bar.

2. Exercise More

Without going all scientist on you, exercising releases Endorphins (your feel good hormones). In other words, it makes you feel FUCKING AWESOME. Try heading into a gym, hitting some deadlifts, bench press, dumbbell curls and walk out feeling crappy. If you’re not exercising and if you’re not looking after your body your confidence will remain untapped.

When you lose weight and gain muscle you gain confidence, it’s simple. But what’s your main reason behind taking care of your body? Did you know a lot of men decide to make change to their body after a break up, looking to make their ex jealous or to attract others. Whatever your reason is, exercising more, eating better and improving your physique will unlock some of your confidence.

Exercising and eating better is all down to habit. Build the habit by focusing on a plan that’s sustainable. These are a few features I’ve created which will help get you on the bandwagon.

3. Know Yourself

How can you truly improve your confidence when you don’t know what areas you need to improve on? Self awareness is a key fundamental to any successful man, and understanding your true self (and most importantly living your life as your true self and not someone you’re pretending to be) is one of the best ways to unlock your inner confidence.

As a man we have strong egos that protect an identity we create. Therefore we have insecurities, we worry what others think of us and we play different roles to gain approval. If you’re self aware and you know who the real you is, you’ll discover confidence you never knew you had because you won’t worry about other peoples perception of you.

Know your strengths and you weaknesses, understand the areas in your life you lack confidence and work on them.

Download All 7 Steps To More Confidence as a Man.

If you want to see all 7, alongside getting free access to the Confidence Analysis download the free eBook below.

Click the image below to gain access.


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Paul McGregor
I share my hard times to inspire your good times. Founder of MFM and soon to be published Author.
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