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We’re Losing Community & It’s Making Us Depressed

I think community has been lost in the world. A strong reason behind unhappiness is isolation, and lack of community leads to that. People are more isolated than ever before. Technology is bi
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Becoming A More Confident Man

Recently I emailed my loyal subscriber base and asked them the biggest challenge they face as a man... The answer? Confidence. I had just over 200 email replies and 81% said a lack of confide
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How To Improve Any Relationship

improve your relationship
Fulfilling relationships are a key element to happiness, but unfulfilling relationships can damage our emotions. Whether it's a relationship with a girlfriend, a wife, a friend, a business partner
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How To Start & Dominate A Conversation

starting a conversation
Have you ever heard the saying 'It's not what you know it's who you know?' A lot of the successes you'll achieve in life will come from the relationships you build, but what happens if you suck at
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