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Why You Shouldn’t Fear Failure

I hate failing... But who doesn't? We're typically programmed to see failure as a negative, and we run away from it when possible. Surely if we fail it means somewhere we've made a mistake, w
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I’m Going To Learn Spanish In 3 Months…

learn spanish
It's a big claim... I know. But I needed to put it out there to hold myself accountable. I've wanted to learn a language for years, I've tried and failed, I hated languages at School and I never
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12 Ways To Boost Your Mood & Relieve Depression As A Man

boost mood and relieve depression
A lot of men suffer with depression. Low mood, anxiety, stress, low self worth and letting ourselves go physically are all symptoms. 1 in 4 men will suffer with depression, but how do you handle
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How To Take Responsibility

Last night I got pretty annoyed. I was speaking to someone on a 1 on 1 'Breakthrough' call and everything I suggested got shut down. Excuses, moaning about other people and other things...
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