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We’re Losing Community & It’s Making Us Depressed

I think community has been lost in the world. A strong reason behind unhappiness is isolation, and lack of community leads to that. People are more isolated than ever before. Technology is bi
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The Lessons I’ve Learnt As A New Dad (So Far)

2016-07-22 19.55.18
You may have missed the announcement… But on the 18th July at 3:26am my son Teddie was born. It was an unreal moment, an experience I’ll never forget and one I still find hard to explain tod
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How To Improve Any Relationship

improve your relationship
Fulfilling relationships are a key element to happiness, but unfulfilling relationships can damage our emotions. Whether it's a relationship with a girlfriend, a wife, a friend, a business partner
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How To Stop Thinking About Someone

missing someone
Have you ever tried to stop thinking about someone but no matter hard you try to distract yourself you can't shift those thoughts? Maybe it's someone you've just met... A relationship that's jus
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