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My 5 Best Self Help Books

best self help books
I read my first Self Help book 9 years ago. My Dad gave me 'Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway' by Susan Jeffers. Before that I never really read much... I couldn't get into the Harry Potter books
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7 Years On From My Dad’s Suicide (& New Beginnings)

dads suicide
7 years ago today I lost my Dad to suicide. Words can't describe how much he meant to me. After an emotional breakdown, one failed suicide attempt 2 weeks after his breakdown and 5 months of bat
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How To Wake Up Early In The Mornings

how to wake up early
Ever set the intention to wake up early one morning but snoozed your way back to sleep? It goes a little something like this... The alarm is set for 5am. The alarm goes off at 5am. You sno
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Building Habits & Keeping Them

power of habit
Have you ever tried dieting but given up after a few weeks? Have you ever tried breaking a bad habit such as smoking, biting your nails or drinking too much coffee and given into temptation pretty
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