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It’s OK To Be Depressed

I want to make one thing clear before you read on. Depression isn’t something to accept. If you feel depressed as you read this, or if you can remember times you suffered with depression...
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What You Can Do To Get A Better Nights Sleep

improve your sleep
Do you wake up tired? Struggle to get to sleep? Well improving your quality of sleep is one of the best things you can do. Getting sleep is not only critical for our health it's also needed f
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Becoming A More Confident Man

Recently I emailed my loyal subscriber base and asked them the biggest challenge they face as a man... The answer? Confidence. I had just over 200 email replies and 81% said a lack of confide
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How To Stop Being A Perfectionist

Are you someone held back by perfectionism? Whether it's within your work, your business, your health, lifestyle and even relationships. Are you always wanting it to be 'perfect' before you act?
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