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This Is Why Patience Is Powerful

be patient

Patience is POWER.

But don’t just read that line and disregard this post.

Let me explain why patience can help you.

(This is a post I recently shared to my Facebook group. You can join the free community here)

Looking back…

I’ve always chased growth, I’ve always chased success and the goals I’ve wanted to achieve.

Some call me obsessed…

In fact my wife pointed out my tendency towards obsessing with things I want to achieve in her wedding vows to me LOL.


But although this obsession (in my eyes) is what drives me.

It also holds me back.

For years I’ve gone out to achieve something, setting strict deadlines and HUGE expectations on myself to get them done.

I’ll stick with it for a short period of time, then revert back to not doing it.

For example: I’d give myself 8 weeks to lose weight and get a six pack. I’d go strict with the diet, train hard for 2 weeks and then get injured or give in to cravings.


This vicious cycle repeats.


Practice patience.

Focus on consistency.

patient quote

A member of the group Will shared a great example of patience and consistency earlier on.

“My new routine of “committing to one Chapter per day” of a book = 365 chapters a year, which could be as many as 30 books a year just by reading a small chapter a day”

If I set you the challenge to read 30 books this year you’d probably fail.

But a chapter a day?

That’s easier to commit to.

On a macro level (long term) be patient.

On a micro level (short term) attack your goals.

Reading a chapter a day still takes A LOT of discipline. But it’s easier, it’s slower progress but it’s extremely more rewarding in the long run.

Consistency really is the KEY WORD here.

Here’s another example.

I want 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, Freddie (my step son) has always gone on about wanting a YouTube plaque.

I want to give him mine.

I’m nearly at 40,000, but I want it NOW.

We all want things NOW right?

But by me being patient, I know… that by the time I’m 30 with the current growth I’ll be at around 150,000 subscribers.

I’m patient for that to happen.

It’s only a few years away.

On the other hand for that to happen I need to be consistent and focus on it.

3 videos a week at least.

On a macro level I’m patient.
On a micro level I’m getting it done.

You get the gist.

This is probably one of the messiest posts I’ve written in here for a while but I hope you understand.



You’ll achieve WAYYYY more in the long run.

To Recap

As this post was messy, and just taken directly from what I shared in my free Facebook group (click to join) I want to recap some important points.

If this is all you read of this post, I’m hoping it summarises my thoughts from above.

1. Focus on Consistency

When you set goals, be patient with them. More importantly, set smaller goals to help you stay consistent.

If you want to lose weight and get a six pack, understand that it won’t happen overnight. You’ll need to be patient.

But for it to EVER happen you’ll need to exercise and eat well conssitently.

Achieve small goals to help you achieve your bigger goals.

2. Where Will You Be In 5 Years Time?

If you carried on doing what you’re doing where would you be in 5 years time?

Again using the weight loss and six pack example, getting a six pack is something you want now.

But by working out 3x a week, eating well 80% of the time… where would you be in 5 years time?

Would you have a six pack?

Would you have a lower body fat percentage?

Most likely.

I look at my YouTube subscribers right now as I write this (38,672) and I want more. I want 100,000+! But that’s not going to happen. Therefore, if I look at my growth and think… “where will I be in 5 years time?”

The answer is eye opening.

With my current growth in 5 years time I’ll have 158,672 subscribers.

It’s likely to be achieved quicker than that, but patience will get me to my goal if I stick at it.

3. Obsession Will Drive You, But It Doesn’t Solve Everything

I love being obsessive with the things I want to achieve, it’s a drive not a lot of people have.

If I want something, I research and do all I can to achieve it.

On the other hand, obsession doesn’t solve everything. I know how to lose weight, I know how to get a six pack, I have the supplements, I have the equipment at the gym… but none of this matters if you don’t take consistent action.

Obsession, high expectations and strict deadlines are often a recipe for disaster and failure. For some they work, but 9 times out of 10 it’s going to leave you feeling defeated and guilty.

Go after your goals daily but be patient with achieving them.

Hopefully you enjoyed this insight, if you did let me know in the comments below.

Signing out…

Paul McGregor
I share my hard times to inspire your good times. Founder of MFM and soon to be published Author.
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