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What Story Are You Telling?

writing a new story

Firstly, a happy new year to all. Excited? You should be.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted as I took a few weeks off… disconnecting from work and spending time relaxing and spending time with family and friends.

But I’m refreshed, motivated and inspired to turn my yearly goals in to action.

What Story Are You Telling?

Ask yourself that question.

Is your life right now telling the story you want it too?

I’ll explain what I mean by this in more detail in just a minute but first it’s important to understand the importance of purpose.

Recently after working with a mentor and attending one of his seminars I realised my purpose. I discovered the story I wanted to tell, and the areas in which I wasn’t in alignment with my purpose.

Your purpose, the truth behind your fulfilment is always there with you.

It’s that nagging thought that sits on your shoulder nudging your or reminding you that you feel unfulfilled.

It’s that dream, that vision that you’ve always wanted to live out.

When you’re in alignment with this purpose you feel inspired, motivated and fulfilled. When you shift away from it, and create an imbalance you simply lack motivation, feel uninspired and can sometimes fall into a state of depression.

About 18 months ago I was pretty happy. Business was good, I was making more than I’ve ever imagined and I’d hit goals I always wanted to achieve. But was I truly fulfilled?

Sure I was making a lot of money from a business I’d built from the ground up but was I in alignment with my true purpose?

The answer was no, and as soon as I discovered it things started to change.

After help from my mentor(s) and being aware of my thoughts my true purpose of helping others (through this blog and other resources) arose and took control. As soon as I had this shift to purpose, my attitude and my mindset changed.

I went from someone who wanted to just make money to someone who wanted to serve, help others and spread a specific message. I could vision a book (which I’m in the process of writing), public speaking events (which I’ve already started running) alongside helping others get similar shifts that I had (again, something which is already happening).

This simple shift changed my goals, it changed what I wanted to do in life and from this I had a discovered a whole new wave of motivation and inspiration every single day.

I visioned getting my story published on a news outlet, and it did. (Read it on The Huffington Post here)

I saw myself getting more involved with a charity in alignment with my message and I have. (Check out CALM)

And even just the daily motivation to get up and write these posts (plus create the videos for my YouTube channel) with no real gain but to offer value to others is a sure sign that I’m in alignment.

Before it took effort, it took a push of motivation and even ‘productivity hacks’ to do the work. Right now I can easily create content as I’m completely in alignment with my purpose.

What Is Your Story?

Everyone is unique, everyone has a different vision and a different story to tell.

What is yours?

What does that nagging thought keep reminding you about when you look to make change?

What truly makes you fulfilled?

The answers are from within, no one can tell you what to do only you can discover it.

You’ll get a tingly feeling when you see yourself living the life you want to live. This is vibrational energy which is extremely powerful and often under used.

Don’t ignore it.

As soon as you discover your true purpose and what truly makes you fulfilled living your life in alignment with that purpose (and telling that story) will put you in the position to attract it.

Vibrational Alignment

In the spiritual sense this is simply called ‘vibrational alignment’. Discovering your purpose (the true story you want to tell) and living your life in alignment with that purpose will attract it.

Now even if you don’t have it in your physical possession, telling that story through your thoughts and vibrational energy is hugely important.

What story are you telling with your thoughts?

It’s time to recreate new stories and live new stories via your thoughts which are in alignment with your purpose.

story quote

Simple shifts can be made.

The language you speak, your physiology, and your state.

If you consistently speak about the debt you’ve got or the job you hate you’re simply putting out a negative vibration which will continue to attract the unwanted. Shift your language to become in alignment with your purpose. Vision yourself in a job you love? Speak about it.

Changing your physical state or your physiology is another thing you can start to do…

Try sitting down hunched over in a depressed state. Don’t smile, pull a frown or an unhappy face. Write down your thoughts…

Now stand up, clench your fists and put both arms above your head like you’re celebrating a race. Smile and say ‘I’m awesome’ and then write down your thoughts. There’s a difference right?

Changing your language and your physiology daily can have a huge impact in attracting the life you want to live.

Vibrational Energy is best explained by Abraham Hicks (Esther). 99% of all creation is completed vibrational before you get the evidence of it.

Think of it this way.

It’s like travelling from London to Canada. For most of the time you’re not there, you’re in the process of travelling to the required destination. Now because this is a physical journey you understand it and you know you’ll make it to your destination.

You know that the more you travel, with every mile you’re getting farther away from where you don’t want to be (London) and closer to your destination (Canada).

You don’t get discouraged by the journey and you hold the belief (and know) that you’ll get there.

It’s the same with attracting and living on purpose. If you want a new job which fulfils you then tell that story and understand that you will attract it vibrationally. It’s simply just a journey…

Start telling a different story. A story which is truly in alignment with what makes you fulfilled.

Tell the story through your daily language, your state and your thoughts.

Feel yourself living that life you want to live and feel how good it feels.

Rewrite your current story, and start a new chapter.

To put things in to context and to make them relatable here’s someone every man can relate too. Conor McGregor (we’re not related but I wish we were.)

Here’s a round up of some of his quotes based around Vibrational Alignment and The Law of Attraction as mentioned in this post.

Paul McGregor
I share my hard times to inspire your good times. Founder of MFM and soon to be published Author.
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